Seller’s Inspection

A Seller’s Inspection is a great way to buy yourself negotiating power. If you are preparing to sell your home, you will get the highest price in the shortest time, if your home is in top condition. Unless your home is a “fixer upper” looking for an ambitious young buyer that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, your buyers are looking for a “move in ready” home that is clean and free from defects.

Making the sale of your home as easy as possible for your buyers will bring in a higher price and will get your home sold earlier.

Most offers are contingent upon an inspection being performed. If you wait until that time you are risking loosing the sale of your house. Even though these items may be negotiated at the time of sale, it might be enough for your buyer to walk. Remember, people are looking for move in ready homes. Homes with  issues that have be identified in an inspection report AND have been repaired will be looked at as a positive and will build confidence in your buyers knowing there are no hidden surprises.

Our sellers inspection covers the exact same items as our buyers inspection. This report is for your information for you to make the best choices to get your home sold. Using it as a selling point to show potential buyers the house was inspected and all items found have been repaired is a huge selling point these days.

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