Let Your House Breath

By, Pete Busch

This weeks home maintenance tip is something you should already know but based on the the frequency of plugged intake and exhaust vents I find I thought I would do a quick blog.  Here are some pictures of a plugged intake vent screen that I found while doing a home inspection in Minneapolis Minnesota.

If you have something that looks like this on the side of your house you’ve probably looked air intake ventat it and and wondered what it is then quickly disregarded it. On this particular house this vent supplies fresh air into the home. Every home has devices that suck air out of the house, bath fans, kitchen fans, fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters, etc….These all suck air out that must be replaced.  Another purpose for this vent is to supply oxygen to gas burning appliances. Lack of oxygen to these appliances results in incomplete combustion that may cause a carbon dirty ventmonoxide levels to rise in the house.  If you take a look under the hood you will find a screen and most likely it will be plugged. Every summer we are all  aware of the dandelion and cottonwood fuzz blowing around, guess where it ends up? This second picture is a look underneath the vent. As you can clearly see its completely blocked with debris.  All you have to do is brush it off, its that simple and your house will now be breathing normal once again.

Pete Busch
Minnesota Home Inspector
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