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Repairing Your Chimney Now Will Save You Money In The Long Run

I just wanted to share a picture of a chimney that I found while doing a home inspection in Maple Grove Minnesota. Clearly you can see whats wrong but just to be sure
  • Two missing chimney caps on the flue liners
  • The chimney crown is severely deteriorated
  • The chimney crown is improperly installed by not overhanging the chimney brick for water runoff
  • Not only do we have moss growing on the crown we also have a tree starting to grow. This is a first for me so I had.
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Reducing The High Costs Of Expensive Chimney Repair

If you follow my blog you will start to notice a trend, I like to talk about the extra expense from deferred maintenance.  It’s a common perception that random components in a home will last forever with no maintenance required.  In almost every case a small amount of money spent now save hundreds and even thousands later. That is the reality of home ownership. This week’s topic is about chimney maintenance, who knew I had to maintain my chimney and I’m not talking about cleaning it..
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