Our experience with Eagle Home Inspections was extremely positive. When my husband and I spend money on nearly anything, we do a pretty thorough cost-comparison analysis in addition to making sure the company that we are working with is a good fit for our us. After speaking with Pete Busch on the phone, I knew that I could finally stop calling around. Not only was it clear that he was a true expert in this field, his prices were also highly competitive. Furthermore, I could immediately tell over the phone that he was a genuinely kind, trustworthy person. My judgements proved to be true on the day of our inspection. Pete conducted a thorough, exhaustive inspection of the entire home and took ample time to explain each and every aspect to my husband and I. Since much of this kind of language was new to me, he kindly explained it in a way I could understand, without ever being condescending. He pointed out issues with the house that were minor in addition to some issues that were less minor. He explained which issues were safety related and others that we should simply just be aware of. Overall, I could not be happier with our experience with both the home inspection and radon testing through Eagle Home Inspections. I am so grateful to Pete for his kindness, patience, and expertise!  -Surbhi Madia Barber, Maple Grove, MN (June, 2014)