Three Reasons To Have Your House Inspected

Examples of common electrical defects found while performing a home inspection.

By Pete Busch

Some homes seem to be plagued with electrical problems, other aren’t. Do you have the ability to identify issues with your electrical system. Below are some examples of electrical defects that I found while performing a home inspection in Maple Grove Minnesota.


Here is a picture of a section of romex wire that had been chewed by a mouse. If left as is Romex Wire Chewed By Mouseeventually the wires would have shorted out and tripped the breaker. The cellulose insulation surrounding the romex wire should be treated with a fire retarder but I would not want to put it to the test. This wire is in an attic and would have gone unnoticed as most people don’t enter their attic space.





This next picture is from the same house, as you can see the conduit is pulling away from Meter Boxthe meter box. This allows an opening in the meter box for animals to make a home in, may allow moisture to enter, and is a shock hazard as someone may stick their fingers in there.  This is a dangerous situation that must be repaired by your local utility company.






This last picture is an exposed live wire found in the basement floor joists of the same house. This is typical bare wireamateur wiring that is found all the time. The older the home, the more items like this are found. This was an odd one because it was only a single black HOT wire that was run from the main panel and just ended here, no neutral or ground with it. Its always fun to try to figure out what the intended purpose was but this one had me stumped.




Pete Busch

Minnesota Home Inspector


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